Friday, January 6, 2012

My Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

Each night before I go to bed, I wish upon the same star in the sky. It's the bright star at the end of the big dipper. Although this has become a nightly ritual of what may seem like simple wishes to most, tonight, I couldnt help but wonder if maybe you have a certain star that you wish upon and what your wishes would entail. Do you wish for your kids and wife? Do you wish for world peace? Or maybe you just wish for a good night's sleep. I can only imagine the thoughts that must keep you awake at night.

 I have a little girl. She is 2 years old and here name is Alivia. For now, she is my only child, but the constant worry and concern for her well-being is almost unbearable. My love for her is so strong that I myself cant even go to sleep until she is resting peacefully in her little bed with all of her stuffed animals protectively surrounding her and a princess movie playing on TV. You have 2 girls of your own so I am sure you know what it's like. But how do you deal with the concerns of 312,812,803 Americans that you should also consider your children? How DO you sleep at night? I cant even imagine the turmoil. Knowing that nearly 1.5 million of your children are either looking for or are in a shelter tonight. Knowing that your eldest children are being abused or neglected or are dying from a disease that they cant afford treatment for. Wondering what some of your children are going to do for their next meal and how long it will be in between. How do you do it?

My baby girl doesnt understand why mommy and daddy have to go to work or why preschool is beneficial in more ways than just being able to play with her friends. She doesnt know why she needs to eat her vegetables before she can have a cookie. We tell her, of course, that they are good for, but for her, they really are not very good at all. She doesnt realize that when she wakes up cranky in the morning, it's most likely because she didnt get enough sleep or why her toys dont work if the batteries are dead. But she doesnt need to know all of these things right now. She's only 2. However, as her mom, I worry about being able to have a job to pay for preschool and the vegetables she loathes so much. I worry about how we will afford the rent each month that houses the bed for her to (not) sleep in. I am scared that one day it wont just be dead batteries, but that there wont be any toys left to play with. When she has a tummy ache or another sinus infection, will she get the care she needs? Will my husband and I be able to afford health insurance or even vehicle insurance to be able to drive her to a doctor?  I have one child, you have 312,812,803 in this country. How do you sleep? Are you happy being the "father" to so many? Do you ever wish you hadnt taken the job? Dont you worry about all of us the same way I worry about my one little girl?

Admittedly, I dont follow politics all that much. Much of it is confusing, but mostly it's just media driven, in my opinion. I do know that there are many wealthy politicians in office and that maybe their success isnt 100 percent legit. I do know that this is the worst economy in my lifetime and I do know that my family isnt the only one struggling and losing sleep. My generation and the low-to-mid income classes are all feeling the weight of worry and struggle. I know this and it breaks my heart. But just like my baby, I dont understand the WHY behind it. This is a country built on dreams and wishing upon a star. A country built on faith and prayer. A country where I was taught and once believed that I could do anything if I wanted it badly enough. A country full of endless possibilities.

So from now on, each night when I look up at my star and make a wish, it will be for you, Mr. President. A wish from the depths of my soul that you will be able to provide for ALL of your children in this country and help relieve just a small percent of their anguish. A wish that my daughter wont have to worry about these things when she is a mother and above all, a wish that you would be able to sleep soundly knowing that tomorrow will be greater than today. All of my prayers are with you because just like I trusted my parents to do what was right for me, I have faith that you will do the right thing for all of us. Good night, Mr. President, fellow parent and father to us all. Sleep well!